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  • Mount Vernon Place
    May 31, 2008

Tim and Nicole Wedding

  • Tim's a little too happy
    April 5, 2008


  • Bailey's Green Eyes
    Black cat who loves toys, catnip, soft sleeping spots, and hides from new things unless Roger is OK with it first. She has no big fang teeth, so she can't bite, but she can still eat dry cat food. She meows a lot too.


  • Roger on Moving Day
    Roger is fat, orange and curious. He loves new things, mattresses and treats. He ignores cat toys, but likes playing hide and seek with you.


  • King's Cross
    3 days in London. May 19, 20 and 21 of 2007.

Nottingham Area

  • Playing Cards
    Pictures of Nottingham, and other things around the area where David and Brandee live.

Edinburgh and York

  • Us
    Pictures from Edinburgh (Scotland) and York (England).


  • The Orange Tree
    Pictures of pubs we visited while in the UK.

Washington DC

  • Ice Skating Rink
    3/3/07 - 6 hour visitation to Washington DC

California 2006

  • Their House
    Trip to Los Angeles, California. July 20 - 26. Visited Melinda and Rob's apartment. Saw Hollywood, LA, Dodgers Stadium, Venice Beach, Burbank. Drove along to coast north and then east to Uncle John and Aunt Mary's place. Stayed with them a day.

Christmas 2006

  • Christmas Tree
    Christmas 2006 was spent in Buffalo

Our Wedding

  • Buffalo News
    October 29, 2005 2:30PM Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo The pictures start with the prior day, at the rehearsal dinner. What a fun few days it was!!

Melinda and Rob Wedding

  • Buffalo News
    Rob and Melinda - 6/3/2006 This is an assortment of pictures from the whole weekend. That includes the rehearsal, hanging around outside, and the wedding itself.


  • Madison Square Garden
    My New York City Album